sticky hands

whenever i use 100% polly string, my hands get super sticky after about 1 mins. I know it’s not my sweating, because i’ve tried this in the 20º Alaskan spring.Help!

Maybe the string’s bad? It’s really usually your sweat, I couldn’t think of anything else.

hmm.and i ment 10 minutes lol.this string is pretty good, and i tried with gator floss, g-string, and yyn highlights and it never changed.maybe my skin’s too oily or something.

That’s why you buy gloves.

I think it could be because the other strings absorb oil and sweat, while polyester string does not.

But if it absorbs the sweat, it will still be sticky.

The string would be sticky, while the hands would not. :stuck_out_tongue:

what he says

I think if you dip your hands in polytetrafluoroethylene you shouldn’t have a sticky problem

Gentry Stein uses some kind of strange spray on his hands to keep them from getting sweaty, I’m not exactly sure what.

Gloves would probably be your best option though

Probably antiperspirant spray…

I live in Louisiana and I have this same problem. Only outside i have the problem so for me it’s the humidity. Could be your same problem, i’ve started carrying like a hankerchief or rag in my back pocket and wiping my hands alot, that helps some. I’ve heard of people using a little baby powder on their hands. I love my poly strings man but it’s alot less head ache to buy some chaos 422 or brazilian angelhair, those strings will not stick to your fingers at ALL, glides… So that’s my advice. Also using a new string helps. Keep a fresh string on your throw, i might throw for 30 minutes before i change the string. Try some kind of blend with nylon.


I would recommend Baby Powder. I use it for bowling a lot for the same problems. I think I’ve heard of people using it in humidity, however any stickage problems would be fixed by it.

Yeah, baby powder would work. Humidity can be a pain.

gentry, and a few others in that generation like one of the yyf tylers (forget which one) use a spray on deodorant and then rub their hands together to evaporate the liquid part.

also, your hands tend to be stickier in the cold, or the humid. i yoyo best in around 70 degree dry weather. ah california.