sticky bearings need help!!

okay so someone put something sticky on my yoyos bearings… will finger nail remove i have been running them under warm water but it still persists… i need help its even on my back up bearings…

lets talk more about who put something sticky in your bearings.

Sucks, are they outside AND inside?

Haha :slight_smile:

i don’t know who did put whoever did it is going to to pay… 43 yoyos all have sticky bearings not counting the nineteen other odd bearings i have…

I would clean it with acetone if you have some other wise paint thinner other wise I ahve heard that some types of rubbing alcohol might work

Oh that persons mean

ive identified the sticky mess… its axle grease the really thick stuff that doesn’t dissolve in water… the same stuff i used to fix my paintball guns…

this is going to take something powerful to get off…will vinegar work and not hurt bearings?

Just clean them: acetone, lighter fluid, mineral spirits etc.
Soak and agitate well.

talked to a friend who is a chemist… he’s got some stuff for me i just have to lose all my bearings for a week.


Bro, as John told you, you have many solutions as a solvent for grease “didn’t mean to do that but let it happen” your best solution is going to be acetone, 10 minutes no problem. If your chemist buddy uses anything stronger than that is will likely damage your bearing, if he uses anything weaker it likely will not work effectively. acetone is 100% your best option. And I hope if it is going to take the chemist a week it is because there is shipping involved? Because if his process is going to take a week I am very much so in fear for your bearings. And I am not saying this to be rude or ignorant and I am sorry if it sounds that way, from one thrower to another, a week? No way dude.

use acetone, mineral spirits, or some kind of solvent to get that stuff out i use it in my yoyo bearings it should do the trick. most hardware stores sell it in metal cans.

This is honestly the first time I have ever wanted to face palm… Like legit let just face palm. This whole thread is funny. First off aren’t there probably about 100 other threads about cleaning bearings. Now JHB on every thread what have you said to clean the bearings? The same dang thing right? I think after reading the other threads seeing lighter fluid mineral spirits and acetone countless times you’d learn hey maybe I’ll put my bearings in one of those that has been proven to work?.. JHB do you ever get tired of telling people to clean there bearings? Maybe you should make a stickie thread on the Yoyo modification section on the forum that says: " proper way to clean your bearings"… oh wait thats already been done.

first of all this is hardcore sticky grease … Secondly it has been resolved.

Delete this thread please mods.