Steller Features | Michael Kurti


When this video was shot, Michael had just passed his 3.5 year mark in yo-yoing. Mike has got some of the biggest bangers in yo-yoing, and his routine high contest rankings prove that Michael has the tricks needed to be successful. It’s amazing to see how far Michael has come in such a short time. Fun Fact: “Durti Kurti” is the only yo-yoer to cause an audience member to take his shirt of in response to his bangers during one of his contest freestyles. It was a real treat being able to film Michael; his tricks are incredibly amazing to see in person, and he is an incredible person to be around as a whole. At the moment, Michael is unsponsored, but it shouldn’t be long until he finds his match. Michael used a CLYW Arctic Circle in this video.


Sick video!
This was shot at Eli Hops yesterday, wasn’t it? Such a fun contest. Plus I won first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool stuff G. I made a cameo in that video!!!

(Jerrod) #4





Nice! This video has actually helped me come up wth some new tricks of my own :smiley: