Starlite- Release Date???


Anyone know the release date for the Starlite yoyo? I wanna make an order soon, but if the starlites gonna come out I’d rather have that yoyo than another one.

(laxdude99) #2

It should come out some time in october

(Joshhh) #3

it is october.


My son bought me one at worlds. Not too bad but meh.

(Matty#14) #5

I threw one at worlds. Thought the exact same thing. Not good enough for me to buy one… Im going to get one now because its glow in the dark. And Glow in the dark stuff is cool.


Hahahah, me too.

I thought it would play more like a protostar, guess not.

(Matty#14) #7

I think its based off of the Northstar, but it didnt play like mine. But, once again, glow in the dark stuff is cool. And it would look tight with my glow in the dark Gstrings. A glow in the dark themed yoyo… Perfection in a plastic.


They come October 20th


i love mine i got it from worlds they like a protostar same shape just 2 oz less than protostar.


I love mine. I like it more than the Protostar b/c the plastic feels “soft” almost like delrin. Lovely.