Standout new release from TopYo - The FROZEN!

The latest release from TopYo is their most ambitious model yet with some very innovative construction - The FROZEN!

Frozen has a 3 piece design with a plastic and aluminum body fitted with stainless steel rings. The aluminum body has been precisely cut out to reduce center weight while showcasing a beautiful inner polycarbonate shell. Inspired by a snowflake pattern, they removed angular aluminum cut-outs to reduce center weight and further maximize rim weight. This unique construction makes the Frozen a fast and agile on the string with some seriously impressive power, it has a feel in play as unique as it’s innovative design!

Frozen is truly a one of a kind yoyo and limited to 100 pieces! (We would suggest avoiding fingerspins though!)

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It’s an awesome playing throw and quite the looker too


Can you provide a review and a comparison on it?

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Looks interesting

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I really am not a great “reviewer” of throws. I do have to say it feels different on the string than anything I have played, the shape feels good in the hand, i don’t find it to be overly floaty or overly speedy, but very stable. Looks awesome when it’s spinning cause you can see through the hub lol.

Kind of reminds me of a lighter feeling topyo cheapskate or dominator.

Would I buy again? Absolutely


I’d love to get one wound up and…LET IT GOOOOO

For real though, that thing looks awesome


This looks SO FRESH! I had to grab one.

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Great picture! :snowflake:

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Quick question about the Frozen currently in stock. It says it has steel rings, but the description says copper. Just wanted to see if it was copper or copper colored steel. Frozen yo-yo by Top Yo – YoYoExpert


It’s doesn’t seem to be a soft metal but I haven’t dropped mine yet so idk for sure. It hasn’t gotten a patina yet so it isn’t raw if it is copper. Comparing to a shiny new penny the color is rather close.

Sorry I can’t get a definitive answer. Just my observation.

Hope it helps to some degree.


The rings are steel, just copper colored.