SPYY Ronin

Just wondering, how much would people buy/sell a SPYY Ronin for? I would say trade, but I kind of wanna keep my DMII and my YYJ Eneme is beaten to crap lol. I know that the price listing that was on the site was around $100 - $115? I wasn’t sure if the price would go up because of SPYY’s falling out, or if the price dropped dramatically. The Ronin was my first dream yoyo when I was getting started because I always thought it just LOOKED amazing.
Anyway, I guess I just want to know what it’s selling for on here because if the price is fairly low, then I’m gunna jump on that. If the price is still higher, then I’ll just have to wait!
Thanks in advanced.

Depends on the condition and color.

I would say $70 ish.

You womt get sales selling it here for the price you paid. After its bought, the price is automatically gone down.

Just like a car, off the lot -$2,000…