Spring Break 2013-CLYW Style

New video from Durti Kurti,Andrew Maider,and Jared Veratti. Enjoy,and sorry it’s mobile…

Can’t load the video, unfortunately :frowning:

Click desktop art the top

Oops, sorry.

Wow. Really puts the video I just finished to shame in every possible way. With that said, awesome!

Really good. Hilarious how much Michael and one of the other guys (sorry, don’t know from yoyoers) keep sticking their tongues into their cheeks as they play.

I’ve noticed that a lot of players seem to have a “yoyo face” of some sort. These guys do tongue-in-cheek, I inadvertently push my tongue into my lower lip, Tyler Severance sucks his cheeks in, and Brett Grimes sticks his tongue out.

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Yup! I’ve noted all those, too. I have a too-serious drawn-out look on my face usually… ie. my teeth are apart but my mouth still closed. Which is funny because I usually have a pretty expressive face. :wink:

Reminds me of “guitar face”, except “guitar face” is more often theatrical and done as a failed attempt at showmanship (there are some exceptions) and “yoyo face” is usually totally unintentional.

here… to make it not mobile just delete the " m. " at the beginning of the url.

I love this video. I wish Andrew would put out a solo video though. None the less this is great, theyre gonna kick butt at NER

I’m preparing myself for a pummeling.