Spinworthy Blood Cell

I just received this sweet little fixie from Glenn so I thought it would write up a little review for everyone.

Starting off this yoyo is very unique compared to all of the other fixies I’ve tried. It sounds strange but its powerful and easy to do most normal 1a tricks while still being responsive to the touch. Not only is it great at standard tricks but it makes any sort of flip a breeze. As far as shape goes even though it’s very organic it just doesn’t fit my hand as nicely as the knack it seems a tad bit small to me. Overall no complaints with its play but my preference still leans to my knack. The feel and the wood used is different than my other throws as well. It’s more of a rougher looking unfinished yoyo. It’s interesting to touch and hold and has a unique feel and play. Overall I would definitely recommend this as long as you like slightly smaller heavier fixies!


Would cop in purpleheart


I wonder if it is a tad too small. I’ve been considering making it bigger in diameter and narrower in width, but I don’t want to push the weight much higher


Yeah I wish it was like a little bit lighter and larger

The maple is much lighter and smoother too.

Got my maple Blood Cell in the mail today!

I think this is probably my favorite throw from @Glenacius_K yet. With the different species my experience so far is very different from @yoyojoe in the original post. It’s very agile and light and I love it. I’m a fairly short guy, so my hands are probably a bit smaller than a lot of other adults here, but I really like the size. The rounded edges are working great for me in play, although I’ll admit that I do prefer the the aesthetics of the hard edges on my other Spinworthy throws. And this thing loops great!


The maple version is 13g lighter.

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Indeed! Thanks for putting the number to it. That’s what I was getting at by mentioning that the two yoyos are made from different species of wood and our experiences being so varied.

That looks killer!

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