Spin time gets REALLY short during tricks


Hello, I was wondering

I’m a total newbie so my throw is as good as it can get with 1 week or so of practice.

so here’s my problem, in the tricks where the yoyo is mounted on 2 layers of string (or more for that matter) the speed drops at an amazing rate

Brain twister, I can barely do 3 loops
split the atom/split bottom mount, can’t go through the whole trick

I have a rebadged FAST 201 and using 100% poly henrys strings

I’m aware my throw is part of the problem but aren’t the starbust overly slowing the yoyo when there are too much string in it ?



It’s mostly your throw. I can do many more brain twisters than that with a 201. However, the starburst on those (they stick out really really far; they aren’t the traditional starburst) does tend to give problems.


that’s what i was afraid, but no wonder my throw is not consistent enough.

about how much training does it take (generally) to get a consistent strong throw ?

thanks for the reply

(Ariq) #4

It just get better with every throw.


with my 201 i took off the caps and cut out every other starburst spike on both sides, then when you tighten the yoyo just offset them. it will have a lot less response. but then for looping trick you can tighten it so the spikes line up and it responds more.


thanks, but what does it do, if I would to take out the caps ?


problem solved now that I got my velocity V3, no more starbursts eating my string, spin time were greatly increased

I can now do mach 5 without a problem and split the atom is getting there as well