Specs for making a yoyo

So a buddy and I want to make a yoyo. We have enough cash to start up a company, buy the software and carry out a few prototype runs before doing at least 2 production runs. I am familiar with 3D design software and took some courses. My question is…is there anywhere I can find the specs for the response groove, bearing seat and post? I have a digital micrometer but I’ve only worked on larger parts that were to be machined like faucets and light fixtures…nothing this small before really.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I can help with that. what software are you using?

seriously? that would be awesome!

I’ve been using 3D Studio Max, Blender and Alibre for school but was hoping to pick up Solidworks for this project.

hooray blender :smiley: (I love it)
I think that I should actually send you a file of the grooves that are inside a typical one drop yoyo I think. I use auto cad. can It import .dwg or .dxf files? if not, what file does it normally open?

yeah, blender is one sweet program. a lot of my classmates hate it and I just don’t get why. as far as I know solidworks does import dwg files so that would work.

i can pm you my email address.

I will email you a .dwg file that should include only the groove area.

Good luck to your new company. Maybe one day, it will end up on YoYoExpert and be everyone’s favorite company!

I will take the job as product test send them my 888 yoyo lane but any way good luck

Hm…On the YYN boards One Drop had a whole thread about all these dimensions, they had the required dimensions for the bearing seat, the width of the walls, even the CAD file for the original Project. It’s a shame YYN just shut down. All i remember, though, is that you gotta give the bearing seat a little room for anodizing.