Special Edition yoyo made by DEA

Now this is just a regular old wooden yoyo that you usually get from some cheesy place that was doing giveaways, but to my surprise this thing loops pretty well. My little cousin who is in 5th grade took a trip to the DEA and got this. Its a fixed axle so i can see what type of breakpad is in there. Its kinda funny. The world is goin downhill and you hear about Druglords near the border all the time and here they have their own personal yoyo.

Note: I do not know if you can buy this so don’t bother askin me lol.

pretty sure nobody’s going to want to buy it

by the way the DEA and the war on drugs are the one’s who created the drug lords.

In all honesty, Wooden yoyos are so much more fun than the new fancy pansy ones. Can’t do as much with them, but they feel so nice in the hand.

Also, I figured I’d post before this thread got locked. I can tell that this isn’t going anywhere. Touchy subject.

Nice yoyo though.