Spacing of North East contests

TA and I were talking about this yesterday, it seems like all of the North East contests (MA States, NER and now NH States) all take place in very quick succession, leaving the rest of the year a boring empty place :wink: I know people travel to Nats, and Worlds but for a lot of us that’s not an option.

It’s amazing having 3 contests so close to home (within 3 hours for me), but having them all so close together makes it likely that I’ll miss at least one, and now that NH States is done we won’t see another NE contest until spring 2015 and that makes me sad.

Even though they’re ALL hecka far for me to drive (7hrs for MA, 4-5 for NH), I might actually be able to make it to 2 out of the 3 if they’re spaced out more. My family keeeeel me if I try that with them being in such close succession, though, meaning I have to pick one only.

Pa states is fairly close to the NE region

Fear not, Chimera!

YYE Throwdowns will begin again in the late summer/early fall! They’ve been some of my favorite events! Smaller, but attended by some of the coolest people I know…and some CRAZY GOOD talent. Great venue, too.