sOMEThING restock - ANGLE and SURE SHOT in new colors!


sOMEThING is back with an updated version of one of our favorite mid-sized throws - The ANGLE!

The price is lower, the diameter is bigger, and the performance is everything you expect when you pick up a competition ready sOMEThING design. The profile is sleek and simple with a cut in the cup to give it some extra flash in play. It has a fast maneuverable feel on the string and plenty of spin power to get through your longest combos with ease.

Sure Shot:

The Sure Shot features a stepped profile with smooth cuts for a soft forgiving feel in the hand and on the string. The inner cup fitted steel rings offer plenty of power and stability without taking away from that unbeatable machined plastic feel. It plays fast and has a really nimble touch as you maneuver through complex tricks.


Is yye getting the new speeder from something?

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Yep! I’ll be adding Speeder online today.


What aluminum is the Angle? I’m guessing 6061 but it was left out of the specs.