sOMEThING Jet Set EG.W new release & SLASH in new colors!

Jet Set EG.W:

This version of the JetSet EG has the same profile shape, just stretched out about 4mm wider than the original. The main difference you might notice other than width change is in the cup - It has some slight changes to adjust the weight distribution and give the wider EG.W some extra stability and spin power. With 4mm extra width you get a larger catch zone for easier string hits and a wider margin of error on those risky bangers.


The SLASH is a small organic machined-plastic throw with substantial stainless steel rings. The smaller rounded design paired with gap fitted weight rings gives it a really powerful feel and unbeatable mobility in play. It has more of a soft forgiving feel than it’s bi-metal counterpart with a smooth and nimble feel on the string.


Hmm. That red SLASH looks rather appealing…

These look like they might be good for 3A as well.

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the slash does look really different from what hybrids ive seen might have to check it out