Some silicone questions

ok, im on my very last ipad for my bassalope, and i figure i will need to silicone it. Where could i get some silicone? And could someone please post a tut on how to actually do it? I know that you can search it, but frankly, i am just too lazy. :slight_smile:

okay i dont have video right now ( i will pst one dont worry) but you can go to your local hardware store and ask for some flowable silicone. hope this helped

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it isn’t too hard to silicone a yoyo. it just takes a little practice. what i do is just squeeze the silicone into the response groove of the yoyo and then take a guitar pic and smooth it out. then i let it dry for about 3 hours and then try to scrape off any silicone that got on the sides. you don’t want any silicone in the bearing seat. other than that, it should finish drying in 24 hours.

I’m sorry, but laziness shouldn’t be a factor. Simply go to youtube and type in “silicone a yoyo” and you’ll find lots of results.