Some sick yyf for trade only (excepting insane cash offers :P only)

Pm or post on my thread for pics of these guys '07 higby 888. has some white scuffs on the blue side and purple side is mint. comes with an airg bearing and terrapin x bearings on the stacks(with thick lube to keep them from being so noisy when you catch the yoyo) anybody that has played with stacks before knows what i mean. and brand new silli (this thing is my baby, offer big)

  1. Mint w/o box blank label superstar, stock, de-shielded spec bearing. normal bearings on stacks. this is my first superstar and i am incredibly impressed with it.

Looking for:
yyf chaotic
yyf mvp
yyf grind machine 2 (metal, and i want a laser-ed one, no stickers. and of course not a plastic one :P)
yyj phenom
Offer me anything just those above are what i seriously want right now

this isnt a bump since i was already at the top but i will trade for fundi-metals if you add some or a looper along with it

first real bump

PM’ed ;D