Some of the fastest yoyoing Ive ever seen! :o

Just looking over some worlds vids and came across this. Never saw it before but I found it interesting enough to post here.

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WTHZOMGUB3RL33THAX??? :o :o :o



Thats easy. All of us can do it. Its just Pinwheels and Helicopters around the legs. Just practice it. I’ve seen faster. Yeah. 8)

If it’s so easy, then post a video of you doing it.

that was freakin insane!!!

You have seen faster?
I would like a video link.

Its really much harder than you think.
To get the yoyo and the string to swing that fast is actually quite hard.

There is a reason Takuma is number 3 top 5A player in the world.

But yeah, he is an amazing 5A player.
Very fast, fastest I have ever seen.

I actually have a video of his first freestyle when nobody ever heard of him.
He was much younger.
I found the video on accident on the JYYF site back after this contest took place.

Check it out here:

Thanks for posting his freestyle here!

Its a fun freestyle for all to watch.



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Dude 5A is all about the flashy Pinwheel stuff. And I don’t care what you say, that guy is insane. that was so fast. :o

Yeah, that was really really really fast. Shisaki was right. WTHZOMGUB3RL33THAX? ??? It really isnt easy.

I’m faster. Coughs Bull hockey Coughs.

Keep it spinning™

I agree that the tricks themselves might be easy for some, but that speed is insane! I can spin a Yo Yo around and around like the rest of us, but to keep that much momentum and not lose control is truly impressive. Thanks for sharing!