Some Japan Bimetals and others

Hi all, have some Bimetals for sale that deserve some play and just don’t. My Motion yo-yos have taken over and I dont really use anything else. So I’d rather these go to someone who will appreciate them! Mainly looking for buyers conus, but shipping can be discussed for international purchases. Bundle deals welcome. Individual throws please add $6 for shipping. PayPal only, F&F preferred. Rep checks welcomed. Am bf_throws on ig. Thanks for looking!

Only trades im looking for rn are a bowl ss, SS Koi or a Dressel Designs Assasin, must be smooth.

All are smooth and have minimal damage. Feel free to ask for extra pics! Og packaging noted


-Galaxy Time - $100 w box
-Roll machine - $90 w box
-Metal of the Future - $old
-Bimetal XX - $65

-Japan Tech
-Shade - $130

-Lunar Wind - $50

  • Ride - $50

-Paladin - $105 w plush pouch

-Hendiatris - $80 mint w pouch

-C3 Yoyo Design

  • Hydrogen Crash - $90
  • Vanitas - 85

-Yoyo Recreation

  • Skyfish - $130 - w box

Bump offer!

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Metal if the future gone and shipped out today, have lots of really wonderful Bimetals here for sale! Hmu with an offer! Worst I can say is no! (Not looking for trades UNLESS you have an SS koi or a Dressel Designs Assasin (smooth pls).

Gotta type a whole sentence just to say… BUMP!!

Kinda a weird update…

Bump, if you’re looking for some new Bimetals, these are really some stellar choices!

Deals on multiples. 2 yo-yos takes $15 off your total, 3 takes $20 off plus free shipping!