he just bumped Yukki from #2

Who is he?

Eh, he probably won’t be able to do so much for the companies, so that’s most likely why.

And yes, I’ve been watching him for a very long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Issac Sams is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, he is amazing.

If That Is You Than That Was Truley A Good Performance. If Not Then It Is Still Amazing. 8 Stars
:o :o :o

If it was him, then it’d be like him asking to be sponsored. And if you really want to be sponcored, you don’t ask.

It wasn’t him.

Of course!

Fixed. You’ve been misspelling it for a while.


Yeah, I can never get use to writing sponsored/sponsor. I’ll try harder.

Issac Sams is really good but this guy to me is better

I was joking.

I think the skill difference between Hiroshi and Issac are about nothing. They’re both amazing.

Yukki, or Yuuki?

You have your friends ask lol… ;D

And it’s Yuuki

It might have been Yukki. I think he meant Yuuki, but you never know…

That doesn’t mean I sponsor them.

That’s not what he meant either. :wink:

What Paolo?

It seemed you said I have my friends ask to be sponsored by my strings.

No I meant in general like You don’t ask for sponsorship, you have your friends ask for you. It was supposed to be a joke. You would have laughed if I actually said it. Sorry if I like offended you.