SOLDDD Rain City Gamer and Skyva

(Bradley Anderson) #1

FOR SALE (All for $35 Shipped)
*Rain City (Pokemon Trio) Gamer mint with package, slim and center track bearing, 2 sets of new response pads, finger spin clip ons, Yoyoexpert pin, 4 stickers and some stranggg.

  • MagicYoYo Plastic Skyva mint no package comes with center trac bearing plays like plastic.

Add $5 if you want Priority shipping



Photo link didn’t quite work!

(Bradley Anderson) #3

I updated the post

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #4

Can you ship outside the US?

(Bradley Anderson) #5

Yes if you pay for the shipping


I’ll take it. US shipping.

Any vibe on the Gamer?

(Bradley Anderson) #7

Ok cool and nope very smooth