SOLD to SaltySalvador

[s]Hello all!

I’ve got a perfectly mint YoYoRecreation Triplet that I’m looking to sell. It is clear anodized, not raw, and has flawless engravings on both sides. I also have the box it came in, stuffing, and original string (still all wrapped up). I threw this yoyo for a combined total of 30 minutes before deciding it just isn’t for me. It is very, very stable and solid, but doesn’t fit my style of play at all.

This is not an A- grade YYR!

I want to get $80.00 USD for it. That price includes tracked, insured (for $100.00), and well-packed shipping to your doorstep within the Continental US.

I have no feedback here on YYE, but I do have 13 feedback on YYN, all positive, and have several people willing to act as references if that’s what you require.

Below are pictures of the yoyo.[/s]

[s]I can always take more pictures if you’d like them.

As far as PayPal goes, I’m more that willing to pay the fees that go along with a “Goods or Services” purchase for your protection.

Please PM me with any potential trade offers. I’m not willing to budge from the $80.00 price, but I will consider trades of equal or greater value.

If you’ve got an E=MC2 that you’re willing to trade, I’ll very happily give you the Triplet and $30.00 USD for it![/s]