**SOLD** Rainbow Halfswap Shutter

I couldn’t resist a rainbow halfswap Shutter, and now you too can own a one of two rainbow halfswap shutter!

Both black/clear were basically mint when disassembled and halfswapped. I had the black one for a while, so I threw a fresh set of pads in the halfswap that I’m selling. Not sure if I just got 2 duds or if Shutters have some nail vibe, but both of these had nail vibe before halfswapping and have the same nail vibe after swapping.

$50, USPS Priority shipping and G&S fees included.


Love the colors!


Bought… too… many… throws… this… month…

Must… resist…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


resistance is futile! ;]

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First halfswap I’ve seen someone do that actually looks good imo


Thanks! I’m really happy with this one too lol. Had the image in my head one day and couldn’t resist

Damn best of both worlds.

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It really is!

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Friday afternoon bump

bump, price drop!

Shutter is sold!! Thanks all!

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