SOLD-, Mods, Please close- 4 one Drops $135 Shipped

Includes shipping, have the boxes.
If you want to trade an Exit 8 let me know, I also have others I am going to sell.

Free Solo
Burnside 2020


How do they spin?

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how much for just the free solo?

Spin well.

Are these too expensive? I thought they would be popular, oh well.

If I didn’t just spend 2 grand on my tooth I would be all over this lol just bad timing for some I’m assuming

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Honestly, I think they are totally priced right.

I’m waiting on a few throws I bought to come in still, and I have a deal with the wife that says I can’t have more than five in the mail at the same time. :rofl:

Otherwise, I’d be all over this one.


There’s also a ton of throws for sale atm, so I’m sure someone will scoop these up at that price. It’s like an OD starter set haha


Taking offers or Trades Want a Duncan Exit 8 for some reason. Like the shape maybe.

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