SOLD - G-Squared Respawn Lite DocPop Edition

G-Squared Respawn Lite DocPop edition with engraved artwork from DocPop himself. Throw includes all original packaging and accessories. I am also including spare concave and flat D-bearings, as well as 2 pairs of Respawn pads. The pads and spare bearings all come in G-Squared bags as they were all purchased together.

The Respawn Lite is in basically new condition, just wasnt for me.

$70 shipped, G&S fees included for the yoyo, bearings and pads.


There is currently a sale pending, will update Friday after its either finalized or passed on. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Ok nevermind, buyer had an emergency pop up and has to pass. Respawn Lite still available.



Bump for a great yoyo

Friday bump with a price drop for the Respawn Lite.

$70 shipped for the yoyo and accessories.

Still available? ??

Iā€™ll grab it for 70.


Respawn Lite bas been sold, thanks all <3

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