[SOLD] FS: El Mijo B-Grade Half-Swap

So, I have two El Mijo B-Grades (anno-flaws), one Camou and one Pink. I don’t have all of the extras for both, so I can only include the wide flat d bearing, but you can pick which color you’d like to have engraved for $40: PayPal G&S fees and CONUS shipping included. If you’d like a more responsive experience, you can get the shorter axle and narrow/bearing blank.

There are really small pin pricks on the Camou sides. The pink sides have patches where the orange splash didn’t take fully. PM for detail shots of the imperfections.


Are these responsive?

Sale pending right now.

They are semi responsive even with the wide bearing right now. They can be altered to be more responsive with the narrow bearing and a short axle

Sale pending on both

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