SOLD For Sale G2 Marvel

Hey gang,

I haven’t been real active in here lately as I’ve got caught up in some other interests. I’m selling my G2 Marvel to try and get it to someone who will use it more. It is in really great condition and deserves to be played!

I have listed my marvel a few places on Facebook and also on r/throwers but figured I’d put it here as well. I am asking $90 for it, but will definitely accept offers. Trying to fund some other interests so please don’t hesitate to make me an offer.

More photos available on request.


EDIT: lowered price a bit!

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No trades at all? What about trade and partial cash?

No I really don’t want trades unfortunately. I haven’t been throwing hardly at all lately. I’m somewhat flexible on what I’m asking and open to offers, but not trades. Got to thin the herd a bit.

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