Sold, close please

add 5$ for shipping. CONUS only. Purchases over 40$ is free shippping. Also accepting trades. Message me for closeups of anything

from left to right

row 1:

arcair “looking at the sky”: some small marks 15$

duncan throw monkey? some scuffs and marks 7$

zeekio spin cycle: some damage in the axle so it’s responsive bearings only: 7$

top yo refraction: brand new 35$

row 2:

aero-yo machete: some small marks 10$

YYF ND: very vibey 10$

yoyojoker trancer: NMTBS 25$

row 3:

beboo V6: brand new 7$

magicyoyo k9: nmtbs 7$

C3 radius nexus: minor marks 30$

YYJ legacy: used, some scuffs. comes with beat up box 10$


im eyeing that nd :rofl: vibe doesnt bother me too much, for the price might take it oof ur hand :man_shrugging:

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