So your going to your first club.

If your going to your first yoyo club or even if you have been going for years, this guide will give you some pointers and tips to make your day more enjoyable.


-Wear a hoodie or a sweatshirt, I was so cold once that it was hard to yoyo. If you have the money you might get this one.

-If you live in a area that gets really cold then you might consider gloves.


-Bring money for food, yoyos, coffee, or other things. There are few things worse than being really hungry and watching someone else eat a hamburger.

-Sometimes company’s bring yoyos to sell for cheaper than the production run, or b grades, like General Yo.


-Bring all your yoyos (if you only have a few like me) or just the ones you would like to trade. Sometimes you can add string, bearings, or money to trade for the yoyo you want.

-You might have to get a case to hold all your yoyos, yoyoexpert has a nice selection.

Strings, bearings and a few odds and ends

-Bring lots of extra pre tied string, you don’t want to waste your time unpicking knots when you could be learning a trick!

-Response! response! response! always have a extra pair!

-If you tend to go thru bearings a lot you might want to bring a few extras.

-Ok, i know this will sound weird but, you might consider bringing a bobby pin. They are very useful for picking out knots and you can put them on your shirt. Ask your mother, sister, GF if they have one.

-Also energy bars are good too, but don’t eat them inside any fast food places.

If you found this useful then please give it a thank you!


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