Small bst

Alright, so most of you know that my computer crashed and i wont get it back for like 6 days so i have limited acess to a computer.I will get pictures up soon but like i said ,i have limited acess to a computer.So let me say that i want only money unless you have a mint genisis or hatrick.

First we have a Green Monster Edition Skyline.
-only a couple scuffs and 1 pin prick(barely visible)
-Great player,sooo smmootthhh
Asking about 105 but im flexible

Next we have a freshly siliconed PGM
-No arrows
-Mint(well no marks that i can see)
-One side is missing the yyf emblem
-All white
Asking about 25

Next we have a near mint Protostar
-The arrows are starting to wear but they are clearly visible
-siliconed with red rtv
Asking about 25

A pair of Shinwoo loops
-They taught me how to loop w/both hands
-near mint
Asking ab out 12 for the pair

I also have a throw monkey
-no stickers installed
-its white with blue rims
I’d throw this in with anthing else for like lets say 4 bucks

I will sell it all for $140

I can only ship within the US and i can only do money orders, reason being is that my paypal went all haywire


ill take the protostar and the throw monkey. but a ct in the protostar?