Small bearing to large bearing conversion


Who do I talk to about converting my small bearing bassalopes into large bearing bassalopes? What is that mod called?


I think that mod is called:

converting a small bearing bassalope into a large bearing bassalope


Wow that’s enlightening. I feel like a moron…anyways who can do it?


I’m here to help. You’re welcome.

Now, who can do it? Not a clue. I have a small bearing bassalope. I like it that way. I’m normally a fan of C bearings, but properly done A-bearing yoyo designs can be great.


Okay, the other mod question I had was, what are schmoove rings? Are those the grooves that most onedrops have?

Back to bassalopes, which modder does work similar to this? Or has done work like this…?


Not sure what you’re talking about regarding One Drops. I have a MMN, Code 1 and a 54 and those don’t have anything like schmoove rings.

If I understand it correctly, it’s a shallow groove cut into the wall in the gap area to remove some material to decrease friction.


The rings one a one drop are called grinding rings I believe. Those are used to reduce friction on finger grinds.

Schmoove rings are used to reduce string drag. Here is Yoyo wikis page for them.

As for the bearing change on the bassalope, it won’t be cheap. I’d recommend just trading your small bearing one for a large bearing one and save a lot of money. Just my opinion though, if you really want to do it look here.,5371.0.html


thanks. But still, what is this mod called? Would it be a HUB REPLACEMENT? Imma hit kyo up if so. What category does “converting a large bearing into a small bearing” fall in? Ive seen that list so many times and ive used it a lot, but i looked at that first and i couldnt find what i was looking for. Maybe its got a technical term that i dont know. But i’ll talk to kyo and see what he has to say.

Also, my bassalopes are purple and the other is pink. When they do the mod, does that mean that i would have to get the bassalopes RE-ANODIZED to get the color back? cause cutting into the yoyo would remove the paint and i would be left with what looks like satined response area. That would look UUUGGGGLLLYYYY! So, yeah, thats what i worry about and also if it goes wrong and the modder messes up, which i respect them and i know that what im asking is for a VERY COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT MOD, but if they mess up its on me.



gosh, that applies to my clear mistake in paragraph 1. Im getting it all mixed up…get it together pillowite!!!