Sleepin issues and Spacer Question

Ok i have a lynn only sleep for like 40 secs tops,now when i did my reveiw i was always ready it slept up to like a minute and somthing.I’ve Took Two videos showing The sleeper peiod of sleeping and the inside and out of the yoyo.

Another question everytime i do a trick wheere i put the yoyo on the string,my yoy always starts to go sides ways would a spacer help and could i use anything for a spacer…

Sorry i dont have any idea how i added 2 of each video …

For the tilting issue, this video can help:

yea thats cool but,Is it the thrower or the yoyo. I want to get he dark magic cause of its wideness…A spacer wouldnt help?

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A spacer would not do anything at all.

Its all throw there partner. Just keep at it and you will eventually get a straight throw.

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For yoyoexpert, just copy the link(don’t embed). Yoyoexpert’s system would convert it to a video for you. ;D