Slack Trapeze help and combo/dismount help

Im learning the Slack Trapeze and every once in a while i can get get it… very rarely. i was wondeirng if ther are any tricks/tips anyone has??? and also a video of a cool dismount or combo with it would be really helpful

Here is a combo that uses slacks it goes through all the slacks needed,

And for slack trapeze itself, throw the string over your non-throwhand quite hard and then only drop it once the string is in the gap

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Actually, it helps to make a nice smooth circular motion more than throwing hard, but throwing hard shouldn’t hurt anything.

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i really like that video, mainly cause of the music. im so sick of every yoyo video having rap or rave music… so glad to here something good like Mr.Cash. ;D ;D ;D

That’s what I know now but when I was learning I found it easier to throw it quite forcefully round, after I got it consistent then I started to smoothen out the motion.