Skype names!


Just making a list of people who would be willing to skype other yoers!

Me: ethanccohen (12)
Augmentedloyalty: augmentedloyalty (14)
Pinkie Pie: rainbowponi030 (14)
Abby: Abby1371 (14)
Andy569: Andyn569 (13)


Comment ur skype name!


Mine is abby1371 (like that’s a surprise)


Same as here. Please say you’re from here if you add.


YOOO, sounds awesome… Id love to chat with more throwers my age :slight_smile: my skype name is andyn569 I’d be down to skype on thursday 7-8:30pm EST with anyone 13-16 years old :slight_smile:





(Q) #8

How is this general?


It’s not, but it kinda is?

He’s asking who wants to talk yo-yo in skype.


Request sent


I forget what mine is. I’ll have to fire up SKYPE on one of my other computers.

I also rarely use it. My ISP is really bad so for voice it’s barely adequate, and forget video. I have unlimited minutes on my cell phone, I use that instead. I do have an iPhone, so Facetime could be an option if my ISP didn’t suck!

Isn’t there a spot in our profiles for our Skype ID? I forget. I remember I removed any of my IM ID’s from my profile a while back.


I’ve been at school on the computer all day, so I’ll hit that up later.


logan david

if i am right, thats it haha


my skype is : jsrn420
Kik: xjsrnx
add me :c i need frinds.preferably kik :smiley: hehe

(Q) #15

I only skype naked




What are you laughing at? Is that not normal or something?


Never, strangers! Muahahaha!


<------------- feels old doesn’t know how to Skype :facepalm:


thats fine it’s easier than you think you click on your contacts then a screen pops up for a chat window if you ebbs voice or video call click the green button that has a camera looking thing on it.