Skylines hittn' the mainstream!

Ohhhh yeah… Check out those colors… Does the Red/Orange remind any one of this?:

Oh yeah… Im getten me one…

That pre pro production yoyo looks legit!

Please avoid posting directly to other websites that sell the same things that we sell here.

But awesome. I want to try a Skyline sometime.

I was just posting the link to the Augie G5+ (Which isn’t sold any where anymore… New at least) for a color comparison…

And then the other link is a blog… But I doubt you ment that…

Yea for christmas im either getting that, and Oxy3vo, a galactic goose, or a E1NS 09 lolz

Says YoYoExpert is getting YYF shirts.

Andre. You make our dreams come true.

Andre seriously is the best guy ever for getting YYf shirts.

André is the best guy ever for making YYE alone.

Yup. I’m most grateful - After all, I am the “ #1 Fan.”