Silly question about the Werrd Minute.

This is a really silly question, bear with me.

I’ve always pronounced the Werrd Minute as “My-noot”, as in:

mi·nute adj.: Exceptionally small; tiny

…but, my friend has been trying to convince me that it is supposed to be:

min·ute n.: A unit of time equal to one sixtieth of an hour, or 60 seconds.

Now, to me this doesn’t seem right. He seems confident enough to tell me I’m wrong in calling it the mi·nute, though.


I’ve always pronounced it as “my-nute.”

i pronounce it both ways

It’s minute, like tiny. you’re saying it right.
because it would make sense. minute like the time measurement doesn’t really.

Somebody get Skip… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: