Should I make a vlog?

Should I do a vlog if I probably won’t be able to edit it and cut out my rambling? Yes or no I’ve been wanting to do one but never did because I can’t edit video on my phone. And if I did make one would you watch it?

I would if it was about yoyos or like a review of something

It probably would be mostly about yoyos but I would also probably have my random days.

Then yea I would totally watch/listen to your vlogs everyday when I’m doing my Pre-Calculus honework

Mike Monty’s blog is pretty good. Make something like that.

Yeah thats kinda where I got the idea to really start making a vlog. I decided to just do it. I made a collection/bst vlog. I know its not that interesting but yeah its a start. I just finished and its uploading, the funny thing is that now that its done I have a bunch more ideas for future vlogs. I’ll try to script them to keep the rambling to a minimum and I’ll try to do them as often as possible. Maybe not everyday like Mike Monty but pretty often.

The first one is up!
Hopefully the next one (tomorrow?) will be better.

EDIT: I made a real first vlog now not that other one.

Nice first vlog dude! :wink: I wish you good luck on the beauty pageant/ talent show!