Should i clean my DM bearing?

Hey, i cleaned my FHZ bearing with thinner and used singer oil as lube, and it turned out tat the performance was somehow lousier… i have no idea… i added a drop on a pin and juz touch the balls in the bearings…

so now i dunno whether to clean my DM bearing… or if it is the problem of the singer oil, den should i play it dry?

  1. Your oil might be a Thick Lube.

  2. If you want to clean it - Go ahead! You can clean it and not lube it like I do. I don’t lube because I worry I overlube.

  3. Try Re-cleaning FHZ, make sure it is deshielded and don’t lube it.


Singer oil is medium-thick lube. Don’t use it, its kinda thick.

oh. looks like i have to get thin lube… quite ex in singapore… :frowning:
anyway, does singer oil spoil the bearing… i can buy thin lube and rewash and lube again next time… so i hope singer oil doesnt spoil it in the meantime…

No, it wont spoil it. You can clean it again, and it will be just fine. lols Do you live nearby Suntec? If you do, just drop by spinworkx, and buy some. It shouldn’t be more than 15 dollars i think :frowning:

Thin lube is WAY thinner than singer oil, and works a thousand times better.

its 9SGD… haha. yea i thk ill buy thin lube some time soon… :slight_smile:

What happened to me was I use lube and then the hair from my string went inside the baering and slowed it down. It also made it more responsive.

I would advise after lubing the bearing let it fry for 2 hours bofore using it again.

It never hurts to clean your bearing occasionally so do it if you want. Make sure it’s completely dry before you use it and then if you want, you can lube it, just make sure not to put much on it.

When you pull the bearing out of the thinner make sure to have Dryed it good and quickly because the bearing some how goes wrong and after you probably shouldn’t of had added lube i personaly think it makes the bearing go wrong i seen that happen plenty of times when lube messes up yoyos