Short term- long term…

Remember when….
You kept hitting refresh… the crash of web sites…a new peak….
A fresh drop could be parlayed into hard cash or 3 new throws…
Alas it seems those days are gone…
so much for short term…
When I look at long term right now… I think 3yo3…Landon’s work is timeless…and while they are not “competition grade”…they are worthy yoyos… form over function…clean, no company name…you know it’s his work by the quality…I can only see them go up in value…who do you look at short term –long term as far as colleting…?

YYF is certainly short term. New releases left and right.

Caribou is pretty long term. Not like there are gonna be any new peaks any time soon etc.

As far as I know, there will never be anymore Peaks.

I’m all about long term yoyo’s. I mean I know what most think about YYJ but look at them. They have had mostly the same yoyo’s forever. And they still sold. they finally do something knew but still the same. I really think they are the ones that have found the nitch. Well duncan kinda has too.

As far as higher end yos I’m still liking ILYY. They don’t throw a new yoyo out every week or two. Just maybe one or two a year.

I like small runs like DTI…P.O. I didn’t pick one up…I agree about YYJ the new stuff is classic…I don’t think you can turn any kinda profit with YYF right now…the same yoyo with a different color way is great for the masses…but not collecting…SPYY has put out some great keepers lately…RONIN, Flying V, and the Pistolero stand out…10 years from now you’ll drop some cash if you come across a mint Pistolero on ebay…

I couldn’t agree more. Another big one is the bpzl. That thing is looking very nice!

No company name or markings destroys any long term collectability.

not at all…I worked at Christie’s Auctions House for years and saw tons of unsigned work by artist as well as Furniture and other objects unmark by the manufacturer…there are always ways to authenticate something….

I feel as though Oxy is very long term. People will be dropping 130+ on Oxy 4’s and what have you for years to come.

Short term is definitely YYF anything. It is so easy to move.

I think that vsnewton yoyo concepts is gonna have some classic yoyos

this looks nice…want one of these Prototype’s

I’d have to say a long-term goal of mine is to collect 1 of every CLYW model made. I have one - Sasquatch, and after I ship some throws out today, will be waiting on a Marmot from Jason Wong :slight_smile:

Good luck on the Bear Trap… those were incredibly rare

I don’t think they ever got released…if they did…I don’t know how I didn’t get one from chris…

I meant production ones :wink: Or were they officially released?