Short Story

So I recently ordered a new Yoyo Factory DV888. (Blue and Silver Splash) All I can say is that this was a great buy. This is the General Yoyo Section, so I won’t review it. I just have a good story to tell about it.

So as I was walking to the mailbox today in the gloomy weather, I was really excited. I opened mailbox, looked inside, and immediately knew I was in for something. They sent it in a Flat Rate Box. Now keep in mind, my mailbox is pretty small. about a quarter to half and inch smaller than the box itself. How USPS fits it in there is a magical wonder. I stood there for a long time just trying to pull the box out. After a while, it started sprinkling and I just thought, screw the box, I want the yoyo. So I ripped the box open from one side, took the DV888 out, then crumpled the box and yanked that out as well. This is also my second DV888 because my first one (Gold and Black Splash) cuts my hand if I touch it. (I let a lot of people use the first one)

I also got newspaper on a sports article. The name of the newspaper company is: Erie Times
It was published on April 4th 2013.

They were even nice enough to send me string matching my yoyo’s color. :smiley:

(Picture 2) The Flat Rate Box. Catching Fire for size comparison.

Edit Did not know it was against rules to mention stores! Sorry about that. I’ve made edits to this post so that there’s no other mention! And once again, sorry.

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this is going to be removed… im just letting you know that. Its forbidden on these forums to even mention another store… let alone promote another store.


Dont even post that man, youre askin for it.

One time I bought from billybob’s and all I got was some fish bait >:(


We like YYE, we don’t care about YYS.

hahahahaha I cannot believe this is even here.

fish bait is great for dry lube.