A good look at what my routine for PNWR 2013 will look like for the first minute and showcasing the amazing overdrive. Catchty title too right? Comments appreciated and thanks for watching.


Great stuff! :slight_smile: I really enjoyed it, flowed fluidly and never a dull moment

(Khent G) #3

Too good


Insane. That was amazing.


Holy Cow, that was great! Super smooth without ever missing a beat. Once again I’m in awe.


Dude that was amazing.


Wow. Nonstop craziness!

(Alex Fairhurst) #8


I would like to see this combo used in a preliminary performance. If you could hit it clean it would destroy the competition.




Fast and smooth. Very nice.


Really glad that you guys like it that much. Hope I can keep making them as good.

@ Alex-I was actually thinking of doing that for PNWR since I just think it is a good routine for the prelims and you saying that has made me sure that I should use it.