Shaqler Loop 900

Why does this thing keep hitting my chest?

Because you aren’t good at looping, most likely.

Your string is probably too long. Generally speaking, string on looping yoyos should be fairly short.

Don’t try cutting it unless your a NOT PRO, I did that and my not broke on my 1080 and broke, sent to YYE today for fixing.

Shortening the string is really easy. Just look up a decent tutorial video on YouTube.

Maybe don’t hold your hand so close to your body. Most loopers I’ve seen have their arm somewhat extended. I don’t think it has anything to do with string length. The yoyo should be almost wound up by the time it comes back and around.

Knot*… sorry i had to… you dont need to be a knot master either… it’s actually really simple as you can see here…
Thats how ive tied my knots since i started and ive never had any problems

Or, you could use the wealth of all human knowledge (the Internet) to look up an extremely simple guide on how to tie a proper knot.

Really, it surprises me just how many people don’t know how to tie a proper knot. Every time I go to a contest, more often than not, a cut string will have some horribly janky knot that I wouldn’t trust even a $10 yoyo with.

Also, I’m surprised that YYE took the yoyo back. Sounds like a user issue, not a manufacturing issue.

it’s surprising how many people don’t know how to tie a yoyo knot. It’s just an overhand knot. I don’t think there’s anything more simplistic out there.

Even with a long string though, you shouldn’t be hitting your chest. As jhb said, perhaps try holding your hand further out.

Ill use that video, i used a F>A>S>T guide that came with my brothers spinstar. its similar but i think i cut my Excess to short :o :o :o :o

It worked thanks ! :slight_smile: