Several FS or FT

For Sale or Trade. Prices shipped. Add 3$ if not doing friends and family. Add 14$ for international shipping. Additional pics upon request no problem. Will search for the boxes as they are sold, but assume it doesn’t have a box.

Looking for- 2sick EnPassant and Queen

-Spin Dynamics Flow. Mint. -18$

-YYF Regen. Several small dings. Some vibe. Had to super glue caps to stop them from spinning. -9$

-YoYricks Canon. Silver/blue swap. Basically New. -30$

-Fingerspin First Base. Mint- (SOLD)

-Inferno Yoyo Sonar . Mint. Smooth- 55$

-Amplified Woofa 7up Soda Series. Mint. Smooth-45$

-Recess Diplomat. Mint. Smooth- 45$

-iyoyo Iceberg. Minor scratches on rims. Still pretty smooth. - 40$

-iyoyo Firrox. Lots of minor scratches on rims and significant vibe (6-7/10).(SOLD)


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