SER??? - Anyone know when an where SER is going to happen?

Getting a bit anxious now. Any word out about location and date?


i am try ing to get info about this…

Tony said it was on 6/27 in atlanta but they dont have a location yet. But I honestly think it’s not going to happen

June 27 in Atlanta. There is a location setup but nothing has been announced.

June 27 in Atlanta. They have a location, from what I understand, but nothing has been publicly announced.

The date is tentatively set for June 27, but the location is still being finalized.

It’s gonna happen :wink:

where did u guys find the date?


I know the person running it

how long are finels?

Regionals tend to have 1 minute prelims and 2 minute finals

UPDATE: The date for SER has been finalized for August 1st!! More details will be found on and later this week

do u know when we will be able to register?

The date is august 1st

YES!!! I CAN GO!!!

I’m guessing once the site goes live

Okay thanks!

Does anyone know if you can compete and not register with the NYYL and just forfeit any seed you get?

you cant.:frowning:

Then, maybe I can’t go.