Selling/Trading used YYJ PHENOMizm


Im selling or trading a used Phenomizm. Its in blue. The caps are all used up, but thats what you get for all great yoyos when used 24/7.

Condition: Its used. It has about 4 rim scratches on each half. They are not noticeable because they are small and blend into the color of the yoyo. It only has one response pad, its a onedrop silicone pad, in it because my last ones finally wore out after about 60-80 hours of play. I do plan on replacing it with IrPads this time around, thats if I get the new pads before I sell. Also one last thing, I’m throwing in a ceramic concave by Dif-E-Yo.

Price: i plan on selling it for 75-80 with shipping.

Trades: If some seone would like to trade for these in new or slightly used conditions: Onedrop Caferacer, Onedrop Dingo, any clear yoyos by 3yo3. And if any one would like to trade for a high end yoyo like a ILYY, CLYW, SPYY and so on, I will gladly make a deal and pay for the price difference.

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