Selling some stuff, (package deals inside.)

Selling off some 4A and 2A stuff, and a 1A/5A throw.

Prices include shipping.
US only.

Duncan Hayabusas.
All set up to my preferences. Wide gap with silicone stickers, very smooth players.
12 bucks each or 40 for all 4.

Go Big.

Have two, only need one so thus, that.
Still new. Mint, Awesome.
20 shipped.

Adegle PSG.

Minty. Amazing player. Ill include a dice counterweight cause these things rock for 5A.
13 shipped.

Raider EX’s.
Awesome players. My competition 2A throws. Set up to loop perfectly.
18 shipped for both.

So, package deals.
All Hayabusas: 40 shipped.
All Hayabusas and Go Big: 56 shipped.
PSG with Go big: 30 shipped.
PSG with Raiders: 26 shipped.
Raiders with Go big: 32 shipped.
Raiders with Hayabusas: 52 shipped.
Buy everything: 80 shipped.

Get at me foals.


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