Selling brand new never used Gfunk with signature

Hey guys :smiley: im selling my gfunk that was signed by gentry stein himself while I was at calstates 2012.
This yoyo has never been used and his been in the box. Ive just been staring at it wondering if i should open it though :stuck_out_tongue: I just decided its “too good” for me and want to sell it. This yoyo has no dings scartches and stuff, and its colors are green with pinkish brown. I even still have the box it came with. I traded halves with my friend’s gfunk also because we both bought one and got it signed by Gentry. Send me offers and dont low ball me please ._. The yoyo is 65$ brand new, and mine is litterally brand new because i havent used it once. so im looking for something around 75$. Just offer me anything, the worse I can say is no. I might accept trades depending on your item. (No yoyos tho.)

My bad guys, im asking for 60$ instead, but shoot me any offers you would like.