Selling all of my MFD - only 1 left

Selling all of my MFD. F&F only because of new paypal rules - please rep check me. $5 shipping conus. If you don’t like my price then shoot me an offer.

None of the bsp’s have been thrown

Most have original boxes.

P.M. with questions

BSP - edgerton / creeping midnight / venemous virus / gelatinus mucus - $140 - sold

BSP - bloodstone short run - $175 - sold

2evil - $200 sold

Aotus - $175 - sold

Firedevil - $140

Firedevil ridgeback - $130 - sold


RIP your inbox :joy::joy::joy:


Indeed. PMed! lol

Are there yo-yos in that picture?! All I can see is that table! :heart_eyes:

P.S. P.M.ed :grin:

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Thought I PMed in time to get something. Guess not.

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Sorry man, 1 person beat you to it and said they would take everything left except the 1 firedevil.


Thems the breaks, I guess. Thanks for the update.

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Still have the firedevil. If so which one?