selling all hatricks !

hatricks every color of the rainbow ! and if u buy i will put a free pack of string! white cotton dudes !

price and pictures please.

ya can u post pics of them and do u have pink

man… i really want a hatrick…

can I be sure you are not a scammer…

no you can not

ya thats what makes me hesitant to trading on these forums…

so many people here have been ripped off

Yeah, you need pictures since your new to trading, and the forums, just so people don’t think it’s a scam, and some people might want you to ship first. Just a heads up.

I wouldnt buy from him because first of all they dont make hatricks in every color of the rainbow …LOOK IT UP.

I was about to say that. This is all leading up to a scam, and you my sir, need some pictures, and need to ship first if you want anyone to trade with you.

dude, if this is a scam, back out now. i will respect a scammer that stopped scamming more than a normal scammer… duh

I’m interested if I can see pics.

Guys, don’t assume hes a scammer just because he doesn’t have pics! Just make him ship first, and if it’s not exactly what you expected it to be, send it right back.

That’s too much time and money WASTED. Pics or nothing. If you can’t furnish pics then it’s really hard to trust someone w/ ZERO feedback saying he has every Hatrick made.

Take it easy on him… like you said, he’s new to trading, so he might need to learn some things first


I’ll trade u once I get some money, but you have to ship first kk? $60 for a USA hatrick… but it might take a while until I get $$$


It looks just like this.

except for yoyoers its show off a brand name good deals no pictures. Yep I bet pictures of my right toe this dude is a scammer.

NO trades under his belt either he ships hatrick first or no cash sent . that is how he gets feedback if not oh well we all have to anti up to be legit so either anti up or fold!!