Selinsu Varol 2012-Female Player


Hey guys check out my new video ! :slight_smile: i believe that you will like it :slight_smile:

Song : Helicopria-Disco Chase

Camera :
Pentax KR + 35-70mm

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About :
Born in 23-11-1996 ( female player)
Lives in İstanbul-Turkey
Playing yoyo for 3.5 years (on and off)
Have 3 Achievments
Played yoyo in a tv advertisement
Planning to compete on Eyyc ( female division)

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If you ask to get sponsored, it lowers your chances 200% of getting sponsored.  :frowning:


in my opinion not writing sponsor me means im cool i dont need your help or yoyos
but i need their help and yoyos cuz im playing for really really long time and i saw nearly all girls sponsored.


You don’t have to write, Don’t sponsor me, but you also don’t want to ask to be sponsored. Alot of sponsored players will tell you that asking to be sponsored is a bad move, it really turns off the yoyo company that you want when you ask them. It is not about getting their free yoyos so you can play them, there is alot more than that. You are representing a company and you have to promote them and act proffesionaly. IF they want you then they will make no hesitation to ask, but if YOU ask them that will almost gaurentee you not getting sponsored.


Read that thread.