Sebastian Brock 4A

I had know idea that he could 4A. Just to let you guys know he is my favorite yoyoer!

Also, I love the music he is playing to. It is by M.I.A and it is called Paper Planes

i just asked him what yoyo it was
its a big ben with fh0 caps
incase anyone wanted to know

this is cool.

Sebby <3


I love the song it’s like

“all i want to do is BOOM BOOM BOOM and take your mon-ay.”

HAHAHA it’s hilarious.

Yeah I emailed him saying it was for looks and weight purposes if anyone wanted to know why he had fh0 caps on a big ben.

GO Sebastian Brock!

Lol i dont like sebby that much but never knew he could do 4a… and you already said he was your fav earlier

Here’s a link to another 4A routine of his :wink:

At the beginning of the video they spell his name wrong. It is Sebastian Brock

I like the first one better…